Simple Guide to Create a MetaMask Wallet with your Smart Phone

Download MetaMask App in Play store

type in "MetaMask App" in the search bar

Click "Open" when it's done

or locate your app on your phone

Click "Get started"

Tap "Create a new wallet"

Input your desired password then proceed by tapping the "create password"

after you created a wallet it will prompt you to secure your account. Please read the message carefully for your own security. Then Tap the start button to proceed.

Authenticate your MetaMask wallet by scanning your pointer fingerprints at the back of your phone

 Just tap the start button and follow the instructions.

Right down your secret recovery phrase and make sure nobody is watching. Tap the "view" button to reveal your Secret Recovery Phrase

Right down your secret recovery phrase in the order from 1 to 12 phrases then Tap continue

Assigned each phrase in the order places then tap "Complete Backup"

You've successfully protected your wallet. Remember to keep your Secret Recovery Phrase safe. It's your responsibility!

MetaMask cannot recover your wallet should you lose it. You can find your Secret Recovery Phrase in Setting > Security & Privacy. 

Tap "Done" and on the next window click the " I agree" button.