Tap and login to your metamask wallet

There are 2 things to consider;

  1. Make sure that you're in the "Binance Smart Chain" Wallet.
  2. Make sure that you have the available balance to perform the trade.
In your metamask window, Tap the 3 horizontal lines shown image below. 

On the next window locate and Tap the "Browser" menu 
Then Tap the "Trade" button

The image on the left side shows that there is enough balance to perform the trade. 

When "Select a currency" is being Tap a popup window will appear for "selection of token". Shown on the right image below. Then "select a Token" (FCC) you want to trade.

The image below shows that you're trading 10,000 pieces of FCC with BNB. 
Tap "SWAP" to complete the process.

Additional information when trading

the "Swap" or " Swap Anyway" button appears when the amount to trade has enough balance or enough liquidity, therefore; if insufficient balance or insufficient liquidity" appears all you have to do is to add funds or adjust the number of FCC.

Tap "Swap Anyway" and you're done! 

Watch additional video guide