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Bitcoin: The End of Money as we Know It examines the meteoric ascent of the revolutionary cryptocurrency which rose from the ashes of the 2008 global financial crisis. As economies, and ultimately people, struggle all over the world, Bitcoin purports to provide an antidote to a world in which money is created irresponsibly by private banks. This Kickstarter-funded film dissects the underlying assumptions that we make about money and also questions the Bitcoin advocates' assertions about this new digital currency. Will Bitcoin really signify the inauguration of a new Internet-based monetary system, or is it a Ponzi scheme, another bubble waiting to burst? Several experts and economic commentators, some enthusiastic and others skeptical about the potential of Bitcoin are cross-examined as the documentary explores the question: Is this the end of money as we know it?

"Absolutely the best short film on the complexity and beauty of this new digital wonder called Bitcoin. The narration was incredible. I really like the educational part of this video and how Bitcoin will definitely be a force to reckon with considering its reach within the general populace. The creativity was spectacular. I even shared with friends that the narrator sounds like Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime from the Transformers movie. Just an all-around professional movie that is objective and educational. I have shared this with as many people as I can and will be waiting for more awesome productions. Definitely a keeper as a documentary. This movie was well thought out by the creators." Written by luisedardon on

"I was fortunate enough to see bits of the early trailers last year and was very much looking forward to this release. This film did not disappoint. It gives a very thorough explanation of the history of money which I found to be very informative.

The interviews were excellent and the film gave a well-rounded, cohesive storyline that should leave newcomers to Bitcoin fairly well informed about what it is and why it matters.

This documentary is a must-see for everyone wanting a good history lesson in money, who want to learn about bitcoin, and see the possibilities with the future of crypto-currency." Written by Gabe Higgins on

"I really enjoyed this documentary. I liked that it firstly gets into the question about what is money and a short history of it. Then it goes on about how the actual system works and how money is being created out of debts by the fractional reserve system. From there we understand why bitcoin might be important in the future from now. Finally, it explains what is bitcoin and how the whole system works. I strongly recommend this documentary to anyone interested in the concept of money and wants to understand what goes wrong with our current monetary system." Written by deathsknight2 on

Banking On Bitcoin | Full Documentary On Cryptocurrencies | Bitcoin Movie | Blockchain

Banking on Bitcoin may just be the most popular Bitcoin documentary in existence. It discusses the roots of the technology, its massive potential, and how it played out in its nascent years. You just might see a familiar face as you learn about some of the early players in the crypto space. Bitcoin is the most disruptive invention since the Internet, and now an ideological battle is underway between fringe utopists and mainstream capitalism. The film shows the players who are defining how this technology will shape our lives. An ideological battle is underway between fringe utopists and mainstream capitalism. Banking on Bitcoin takes a look at what this revolutionary technology is and the players who are battling to define how it will shape our lives.
Directors: Christopher Cannucciari
Starring: Charlie Shrem, Gavin Andresen, Erik Voorhees

Runtime: 1h 30m

Banking On Bitcoin | Full Documentary On Cryptocurrencies | Bitcoin Movie | Blockchain

CryptoCurrency Documentary: The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin - A computer programmer becomes fascinated with the digital currency Bitcoin, and through his involvement in the Bitcoin community, we learn about the impending global impact of this amazing new technology.
The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin (2014)

Director: Nicholas Mross
Writers: Patrick Lope, Daniel Mross
Stars: Gavin Andresen, Brian Armstrong, Margaux Avedisian
Genre: Documentary, History, News
Country: USA | Panama | Japan | Canada
Language: English
Release Date: 10 October 2014 (USA)
Also Known As Bitcoin: en digital pengebinge
Filming Locations: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA


"Dan is a 35-year-old computer programmer from Pittsburgh who lives a busy life. Along with balancing work, his marriage, and raising his three boys, Dan spends much of his time actively involved in all things Bitcoin. After discovering Bitcoin in 2011, his love and obsession for the crypto-currency were born, revealing an uncharted world of new possibilities for him to explore. Join us as we take a journey through the rapidly growing world of Bitcoin. Along the way, we'll follow the stories of entrepreneurs and startups that are helping shape the new financial frontier. We'll look at the competitive mining market and the various subcultures within the Bitcoin community. You'll encounter a variety of characters and opinions as we examine the social and political impact of an open-source digital currency. Will the rise of Bitcoin bring a monetary paradigm shift that will forever change the world?" Written by Nicholas Mross on


"For the inquisitive minds about the inherent flaws in our current monetary system and how money works in general, this simplified overview of Bitcoin is truly refreshing. Many complex issues about the protocol are explained in laymen's terms to enable any family member to appreciate the invention for what it accomplishes. The internet of money has been spawned and naysayers would one day regret not having explored this invention beyond first misconceptions. This documentary provides a great intro into the early adopters' lives and why the community is blossoming in a time when the rest of the world is sinking deeper into depression and debt. It invites one to look beyond mainstream misrepresentations and that it is only a black market currency. Great documentary indeed. Would recommend it to any friend." Written by Danie Poolman on

"I watched and totally enjoyed it. It is quite easy to watch and almost completely non-technical which is good for the non-bit-coiners. It covers basically all the highs and lows of bitcoin from almost day one and right up to the fall of the biggest exchange.

There is no hiding of all the problems bitcoin had and faces in the future but at the same time, it is very optimistically told (of course). Even if you are not interested in investing in this- it is good to know what it is all about- and this movie can interestingly introduce the subject.

It would be interesting to hear an opinion of someone who basically doesn't know anything about bit-coin - whom I think should really be the people to watch this." Written by ari-saltier on

Also Known As (AKA)
(original title) The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin
Japan (Japanese title) ビットコイン 夢と未来
Norway Bitcoin: en digital pengebinge
Russia Восхождение биткойна
The UK The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Dilemma Documentary - The Past, Present & Future of Cryptocurrencies, NFT's, DeFi

The Bitcoin Dilemma Documentary delivers a new installment of the latest developments in Cryptocurrencies, NFT's, and Defi. Created by Futurist and Filmmaker Ian Khan, the Bitcoin Dilemma interviews some of the world's most prolific technology and finance leaders to help understand the future.

The Bitcoin DIlemma is a clear and conscious story of the development of the cryptocurrency industry today. Featuring interviews with key players within crypto, finance, technology, cybersecurity industries, Khan brings a highly sensitive topic to clarity. "Cryptocurrencies have received a bad name over the past decade and it's time to bring the real picture to people worldwide. We hope this clears a lot of confusion, eliminates the dilemmas behind crypto, and helps the common man or woman understand what role crypto is going to play in their lives in the future", says Khan.

Interviewees include

Bobby Lee - Bitcoin Foundation & Author of "The Promise of Bitcoin"
Bobby Lee is the co-founder and former CEO of China-based crypto exchange BTCC and the founder and CEO of crypto wallet startup Ballet. Lee is also a member of the Bitcoin Foundation’s board of directors and is the brother of bitcoin (LTC) creator, Charlie Lee.

Leemon Baird - Mathematician & Creator of Hadera Cryptocurrency Leemon is a former professor from Carnegie Mellon, inventor of the hashgraph algorithm, and has spoken at Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Berkeley, and more on the evolution of blockchain and distributed ledgers. He's also speaking alongside the NBA's Spencer Dinwiddie next week at the industry's Consensus conference, on Life in the Parallel Financial System. Mark Yusko - Financial Expert Mark Yusko, prolific investor, and outspoken crypto bull. Mark is the Founder, CEO, and Chief Investment Officer of Morgan Creek Capital Management; he is also the Managing Partner of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, which is deeply entrenched in cryptocurrency investing. Chester Spatt - Tepper School of Business, EX Economist at the SEC Chester Spatt is the Pamela R. and Kenneth B. Dunn Professor of Finance at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University, where he has taught since 1979. He served as Chief Economist of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Director of its Office of Economic Analysis from July 2004 through July 2007 Scott Melker - The Wolf of All Streets - Crypto Trader & Influencer Scott Melker is The Wolf of All Streets. He is a crypto trader and investor, the host of the popular “The Wolf Of All Streets Podcast,” the author of “The Wolf Den” newsletter, and a prolific writer and thought leader in the crypto space. He is also an early investor in several blockchain-based projects. He has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Businessweek, The Wall Street Journal, Coindesk, CoinTelegraph, CCN, and more. Kim Komando - Award-Winning Technology Presentor & Host Kim is a digital lifestyle guru focusing on everything from the latest gadgets and breaking tech news, to cryptocurrency and privacy tips to help you stay safe and secure when you’re online. Additionally, she recently spoke at a NASA conference on cybersecurity. Kim has a wealth of knowledge and insight on the topic and can offer information on what they need to know about the sector... Stephen Ritter - Cyber Security Expert Stephen Ritter, CTO at identity-verification leader Mitek (NSDQ: MITK) has been working on the issue of privacy and consumer-facing technologies for over 20 years and is closely following the Defi space, Ethereum network, and the countless giveaway scams popping up throughout the altcoin market. Ben Way - DotCom Millionaire, Investor Benjamin Peter Bernard Way is a serial entrepreneur and best-selling author best known for his appearance on Secret Millionaire, The Startup Kids and as a cast member on Start-Ups: Silicon Valley, he started his first company at the age of 15. He went on to raise £25 million in his teens making him one of the first dot com millionaires. Stephen Stenberg Cryptocurrency Exchange Executive. The Bitcoin Dilemma movie will be available worldwide and on multiple video-on-demand platforms in multiple languages. Visit to signup for updates and more information.
Ian Khan is a globally renowned technology filmmaker touching on key topics impacting business. His first film Blockchain City captured the state of Blockchain technology and its use in cities and by governments across the world.

Blockchain City - The Future of Cities Driven by Blockchain (Full Movie 40 minutes)



Capturing the insights of leading figures from the technology industry, the Blockchain City Documentary is the story of cities around the world and their shift towards being technologically powered through Blockchain. With Interviews from leading governments worldwide that have implemented Blockchain technology, including the Government of Netherlands, Government of Estonia, and of course the City of Dubai, the film captures what is shaping our collective tomorrow so that we can all join hands and take the next steps together.

WHAT IS BLOCKCHAIN The distributed ledger technology invented by an unknown entity under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto has sent more shockwaves around the world than anything else. Blockchain is not about just doing things differently, but it completely changes the way things are done, in essence re-creating models for finance, trade, logistics, education, healthcare, and more. This documentary film will help viewers understand the impact of Blockchain and capture their definition of the technology & more. WHY THE FILM - A NOTE BY HOST IAN KHAN Today we undoubtedly live in one of the fastest-changing times humanity has ever seen. The convergence of technologies including the Internet, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and others are redefining our expectations from technology. Blockchain Technology is more than just Bitcoin and the fact remains that as a foundational technology it can disrupt every industry we know. This film catches a glimpse of where Blockchain is making an impact and how it will truly transform our future in more ways than we know. As a Technology Futurist, Author, Speaker, and industry voice I want to massively simplify the idea behind the implementation of Blockchain and other technologies in Dubai and across the world so that an average person understands the world shaping around them and can take the right action to be part of this new world. Unless we empower the common people, we will never be successful in enabling technology. That's the mission! BLOCKCHAIN CITY FEATURES # JOSEPH LUBIN - CO-FOUNDER OF ETHEREUM FOUNDATION & FOUNDER OF CONSENSYS # DR AISHA BIN BISHR - DIRECTOR GENERAL OF SMART DUBAI UNITED ARAB EMIRATES # IMOGEN HEAP - GRAMMY AWARD WINNER AND CREATOR OF MYCELIA’S CREATIVE PASSPORT # PROF. ROMAN BECK - CHAIRMAN - EUROPEAN BLOCKCHAIN CENTER - COPENHAGEN, DENMARK # MARLOES POMP - DUTCH BLOCKCHAIN COALITION - HEAD OF BLOCKCHAIN - GOVERNMENT OF NETHERLANDS # OTT VATER, DEPUTY DIRECTOR - E-RESIDENCY, TALLINN REPUBLIC OF ESTONIA # GAGIK YEGHIAZARIAN - EDITOR IN CHIEF FORBES ARMENIA & GEORGIA + BLOCKCHAIN ENTREPRENEUR # DR LARRY SANGAR - CO-FOUNDER WIKIPEDIA & FOUNDER OF BLOCKCHAIN-BASED EVERPEDIA